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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weird dreams, Part I

From Time to time, I'll have a strange dream, and wake up wondering what prompted it. Most recent: I dreamt that I was retreating from a part of a building after it was taken by unknown militants. Me and a few others decided to make a stand at a 90 degree turn in a roughly 12 foot wide hallway. We set up a minefield in one leg of the turn, and set set up some sandbags a little farther down.

We decided to set up some floodlights and speakers facing down the other leg of the turn, from which the militants would approach. The idea was to turn on lights and play loud music when they approached, to confuse them before they stumbled into the minefield. I went to set up the floodlights, none of which had working bulbs. While I was dealing with that, somebody started playing obnoxious music from the speakers, and a dance party ensued on the minefield. I was not pleased. Somehow, nobody died.

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